Scorpio Tarot

New Moon Oct 23 to Nov 22

Happy New Moon!

Today’s New Moon occurs at 1 degree Scorpio, during a Solar Eclipse. All of this is activating the potential for quantum leaps of growth in your life.

New Moon Tarot ReadingBefore I share the New Moon Tarot reading, I want to say a bit about Scorpio, and the associated Tarot card, which is “Death.”

In our culture both Scorpio and “death” carry negative associations. This is because we have lost the wisdom of the gifts they offer.

Scorpio is all about renewal and rebirth by connecting with the deepest vitality of life force. “Death” is another way to express this potential for internal transformation.

In our calendar, the season of harvest has turned within.

At this time of year the life force moves deep into the earth and carries this year’s harvest within to become nutrients for next year’s growth. Decomposition allows for the release of essential nutrients. Falling leaves become the fuel for next year’s new growth.

You can contemplate Scorpio’s rich depths by simply feeling the earth and the richness of the life beneath the surface. Scorpio invites you to travel deep in order to experience your own life force merging with something greater.

The Death card of Tarot signals this opportunity for deep transformation. The image here is of Osiris dancing on the ocean floor, preparing for rebirth. Osiris is our teacher of the inner mysteries. As he swirls and dances, bubbles rise to the surface, signaling the emergence of new creation and new potential.

What aspects of your life are waiting to be “taken in” and claimed as the nutrients for new growth in the coming year?

The first step is simple awareness. Take time in the coming days to inhabit your inner realms. Dig deep and feel the “bigness,” of what is possible. As you merge with pure creative vitality you will be fueled with inspiration. Like Osiris at the bottom of the ocean your inner depths are waiting to be claimed.

The New Moon is Thurs, Oct 23, at 2:37 pm PDT.

New Moon Tarot ReadingThe Queen of Discs in the position of Body signifies your capacity for mastery of your inner realms. The Queen builds new worlds through self care and nourishment.

The Ace of Wands in the position of Mind signifies a new birth of life force and vitality. The Ace represents a gift, in this case a gift of creative potential. By “diving deep” and grounding within you will access the fire of new life force and vitality. The creative fire will fuel your inspiration with will-power and the ability to hold true to your intentions.

The Death card is a direct affirmation of the power of Scorpio’s transformative presence in your life. If you are willing to take the challenge of “diving deep,” you will reap the rewards. The visual image of the reading shows the potential of creative fire rising from the depths of your inner realms.

New Moon Tarot Reading, Adjustment, Thoth TarotThe final card of the spread, Adjustment, in the position of “Something Else to Consider,” is reversed.

There’s an important message in this reversal.

The Adjustment card represents Libra. This past month of Libra was about balanced growth through our relationships with others.

Today, as we leave Libra, it’s time to take this new growth and dive deep.

The reversal is saying, “Take the wealth of your relationships, including all the growth of the past month, and carry those treasures deep within.”

Remember that the gifts you carry inside include the challenges in your life. This is part of the wisdom of Scorpio. Sometimes these challenges are the biggest gifts of all.

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Have a wonderful month.

This Month’s New Moon Tarot Video