New Moon Tarot: Saying YES to Life

Happy New Moon!

The month of Aries always holds a lot of fire-y energy, and this year especially so. Today’s Aries New Moon delivers an incredible dose of new vitality, power and potential to your life.

The Aries New Moon was at 4:24 am PDT on Thursday, April 7.

The Emperor and The Fool, Thoth TarotThe Emperor in tarot represents the Aries New Moon. It’s a card that expresses the Fire of Aries’ vitality, confidence and courage.

I include The Fool in today’s message for two reasons. First, as the 22nd card in the deck, The Fool is a hidden companion to The Emperor which is the 4th Arcana. (2+2 reduces to 4.)

The Fool is all about embracing new possibility and the Pure Potential of creation. It’s the Fool that gives you the courage to be fully open to the unknown and to become comfortable with the seeming “chaos” of new birth.

With the Fool you learn to experience uncertainty and intensity as Adventure.

The combination of these two cards perfectly expresses the vitality and opportunity for new beginnings that exists for you at this New Moon.

Set your intentions to receive new capacities of creative power and access new visions of possibility in the world. This month’s New Moon astrology shows Uranus in a position to dissolve the past and initiate transformative creation. In addition to being connected to The Emperor, The Fool is also the tarot card for Uranus, so this message of auspicious new beginnings is doubly supported.

In short, this Aries Moon is all about expanding your personal power and birthing new forms of possibility in your life. The more you can connect with your inner fire, your inner Being and inner flame, the more you will be able to participate in the unfolding.

This coming month promises to be exciting and intense.  The challenge is to say “YES” to life and embrace the adventure, knowing that the Universe will provide.

The following tarot reading will give you some practical advice for staying present and receiving the gifts that await.

Have a wonderful month!


New Moon Tarot Reading: April 7 – May 5