New Moon Tarot: The Courage of Self Love


Happy New Moon!

This month’s New Moon in Cancer promises to initiate a powerful month of new beginnings. There’s an energy signature of magic, signified by the alchemy of fire and water. “Water” represents your ability to live fully in your heart, to love and trust yourself completely. “Fire” represents your ability to tap into abundant vitality, creativity, confidence, will power and courage.

The Cancer New Moon was at 4:01 am PDT on Monday, July 4.

The Chariot, Thoth TarotThe Chariot is the tarot card for the Cancer New Moon. The Chariot represents your ability to be fully at home in the world. This experience of ‘Home’ comes from deep within, from your ability to trust and to build a foundation in the world by living fully from your heart.

This coming month can be a time of magic, provided you meet challenges by grounding in the foundation of divine love that is the root of watery Cancer. Within your heart you’ll connect to the fierceness, and the fiery creativity and willpower that is abundantly available.

This month’s tarot cards are spot-on in offering practical advice for navigating the challenges and experiencing the abundant treasures that await.

Have a wonderful month,


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  1. Angelyn

    Loved it! Thank you. So in line with my own process. Just listening I received healing. Thank you

  2. Elizabeth Schermer
    Elizabeth Schermer07-06-2016

    Angelyn, Thank you so much for writing. I loved receiving your feedback and I’m so happy that the reading was helpful. I’m wishing you a blessed month.