Full Moon Message: Calm in the Storm


The events of the past few days have led to a fair amount of personal soul searching.

full-moonAlthough I spiritually understand the inspiration and larger opportunities of these times, on a personal level I feel grief for the ways in which we as a human family have missed the mark. I don’t understand how, in a Universe founded in Love, we can intentionally choose to hurt each other, over and over and over again.

These past days I’ve felt so much anger against the intolerance in the world, and it’s ultimately cast light on my own shadow. As I’ve seen the shadow in others, I’ve been forced to own up to the patterns of intolerance I carry within.

Above all, this week has left me humbled. I’m feeling caught in the crosshairs. How can I say “no” to intolerance and still say “yes” in my heart to those with whom I disagree? How do I show up for what is right and yet surrender my personal ideas of right and wrong? And how do I actually embody my inner No? What does it mean to show up to intolerance in my daily life?

I might understand the principles behind these questions, but walking the path is another story.

And so through all of the anger, tears, and disbelief, I have come to back to my current favorite mantra:

“Love, Forgive, Appreciate.”

Easier said than done, and yet at the same time this is all that matters. Being Human is, above all, a giant mystery. The only thing we can rely on is committing to do our best. And then to show up for each other remembering that, no matter what, everyone else is doing her or his best as well.

We must be willing now to dialogue honestly, opening our hearts to what feels uncertain and unclear. Along these lines, I want to acknowledge each of you who is coming forward to wrestle with these same questions, painful as they may be.

To my personal grids of support, my friends and all the members within the Mystery School community, I thank each of you for showing up, for paying attention, for speaking your truth, and for your willingness to surrender personal attachment to outcome. You are my teachers and we are learning together what it means to be Warriors of Light.

Finally, I want to thank Steven Shroyer for his commitment to our collaboration and partnership in this journey. Our soul-felt dialogues this week have, as always, elevated my understanding and inspired my journey forward.

In the midst of turbulent times, this month’s Taurus Super Moon offers healing for our world. May we each receive these blessings, re-remember the Truth of who we are, ground in the well being that lies within, and recognize our ability to be fully of service to Life and the greater Will-to-Good, which is Love.

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The Taurus Full Moon is at 5:52 AM PST on Monday, November 14.

The Hierophant, Thoth Tarot

The Hierophant of tarot represents the Taurus Moon.

A Hierophant was a wisdom teacher in the ancient world. This card represents your ability to connect to the wisdom that lies within, to feel the support of Mother Earth, and to learn to bring your light to the world in practical ways.

We are all in need of support right now. This month’s Full Moon is delivering a signature of inner calm and strength to help us return to balance so that we’re able to tap into larger potentials.

There is constructive activity, however it is occurring under the surface of things. The energies are subtle and easily missed. To find relief from the external stress of current circumstances it’s important to move within and connect with inner calm.

This deeper signature of inner calm is underlying all of the external chaos swirling around. When you connect to calm within you can receive support and feel the creative optimism of the new possibilities that are being formed.

The extra light of the Super Moon is literally amplifying consciousness, infusing brilliance into the potentials for good that are being nurtured within.

The Full Moon Tarot video that follows offers practical advice and encouragement for returning to center  and receiving the gifts of inner calm, optimism, and strength.

May we be the change we wish to see.
Blessings to you all,

I highly recommend Steven Shroyer’s New Moon Astrology article for additional insight complementary to what I’ve offered here.

Full Moon Tarot Reading: Nov. 14 – Nov. 29