New Moon Tarot: Receiving New Inner Strength

Happy New Moon!

Today’s message is offered with intentions for healing for our world. May we each experience a new connection to the infinite wisdom of our inner hearts. Realizing our own fulfillment may we in turn be of service to the well-being of all.

The Pisces New Moon occurs at 6:53 AM PT on Friday, February 24.

The Knight of Cups represents your personal opportunity for mastery during this Pisces Lunar cycle.

This New Moon is all about your expansion into true emotional fulfillment by tapping into new levels of inner strength.

This potential is represented by the Knight of Cups who has attained the Holy Grail, the fulfillment of his heart’s desire. In doing so he has realized his highest path of purpose in the world.

The intensity of current circumstances in our lives cannot be denied, and yet in every moment we have the freedom to choose perspective. In the midst of a tumultuous world, begin by taking a breath and connecting within to the Source of infinite guidance and trust. From here you will tap into new levels of strength and perception, and new insights to light the path ahead.

We are indeed creating new worlds. You don’t need to know how we’re going to get there. It’s only necessary to discern the next step. Through the strength within and the wisdom of your heart you have access in every moment to all that you need.

Today’s tarot video is offered with the intention to provide some practical tools for navigating your journey.



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