New Moon Message: Mastery through Inner Wisdom

 Happy New Moon!

This month’s Aries New Moon is delivering a much-needed boost of inspiration, vitality, and courage. You’ll access these experiences through your heart, and your connection to your intuition and inner wisdom.

Expanded intuition and new clarity will lead you to inspired action and help you initiate new potentials in your life.

It promises to be an exciting month! Read on for tools for navigating the intensity.

The Aries New Moon is at 7:57 pm PT Monday, March 27.

The Queen of Wands represents your personal connection to the Aries New Moon.

She is radiating creative vitality, confidence, and courage through her connection to her heart’s wisdom. The rays of light emanating from her crown represent inspired thought and clear understanding.

This month set your intentions above all to align with your heart. From here you will have access to new ideas, new visions of possibility, and new creative vitality.

There’s a significant degree of intensity to this month’s signature.

Be especially mindful of activations around old patterns of stress or worry. These triggers are out of alignment with the truth of who you are. When you experience fear, resignation, frustration, or any form of disappointment or stress, take a breath and realize that you are experiencing patterns from the past.

Staying on track will be important this month. By moving into your heart you can reconnect with your innat wisdom and intuitive clarity. There’s a big opportunity now to build new intuitive muscles that enable you to live with more ease and emotional fulfillment.

The New Moon video offers a practical and inspiring message. You can also check out Steven Shroyer’s New Moon Astrology article for additional insight.

Have a wonderful month,


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