Full Moon Tarot: Visions of New Possibility

Happy Full Moon!

The forces of change are afoot. Amidst the current intensity of our world this Full Moon is delivering an internal frequency of calm, strength and optimism. It’s time to celebrate life and the potentials of what we can create together!

The Libra Full Moon is at 11:08 pm PT on Monday, April 10.

Full Moon Tarot Reading, Elizabeth Schermer and the Alchemy Mystery School

Adjustment is the tarot card representing the energies of Libra. The High Priestess in the image is balancing with perfect strength and equilibrium on her sword of clarity.

This image represents the current opportunity for you to come into a new relationship within all of the circumstances of your life. From your intentional inner alignment and willingness to see the truth, you have access new clarity about what’s working in your life and what’s not.

Your choice to fully show up in this way will expand your intuition. You’ll experience new levels of optimism, new visions, new creativity, and new possibilities for your life and for our world.

There’s a real opportunity now for significant change. It begins with each of us staking our “sword” and claiming our place.

In addition to the Full Moon tarot reading below, I highly recommend  Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon Astrology article for more insight into the big-picture possibilities for your life and what we can create together.

Full Moon Tarot Reading: April 10 – 26