New Moon Message: It’s Time for a Breakthrough!

Happy New Moon!

This month’s New Moon in Taurus is signifying the possibility for positive change and real breakthrough in your life, especially through your relationship with your self and your visions of what is possible.

The breakthrough will come through inner alignment. As a result you’ll receive new powers of imagination, creativity, intuition, and visions of possibility. You’ll also have new insights into the ways old beliefs and mistaken ideas about reality have held you back. Your new perspective will help you release these limitations and anchor new beliefs about what’s really possible in your life.

It’s exciting!

The expansion of consciousness – and resulting intensity – has been an ongoing Lunar theme for several months. Intensity is a natural side effect of expansion. Whenever there is accelerated growth of any form, there is a certain amount of stress involved.

Even if you don’t follow the astrology of the Lunar cycle, you are certainly aware of the accelerated intensity we have been experiencing. This is the result of a powerful pattern of expanding consciousness and spiritual evolution and it’s affecting all of the ways in which we interpret and interface with our world.

Each challenge – including those that are unexpected or seem ‘random’ – represents some form of dismantling. It carries an opportunity to release and transcend limiting beliefs and ideas about the nature of reality. Each time we are able to show up and hold curiosity for the opportunity or gift, we receive intuitive leaps,  expanded awareness, and new understanding.

All of this expansion is anchoring new possibilities. Much of the intensity comes from the fact that our definitions of “reality” and points of reference are changing. We are required  to align to what we call reality in new ways, and this alignment comes from within. We no longer define our reality by what has happened in the past. We know now that we are co-creators of our world and that we create together through our consciousness. In this way you can understand that all of the intensity and challenges you’ve been experiencing and witnessing around you are evidence of positive changes and cause for celebration.

I’m really excited to share this month’s New Moon message with you. We’ve all been working hard to navigate and  maintain our balance amid change.  There’s the opportunity now to take a big leap forward.

Happy New Moon!


PS – See the video at the bottom of this message for practical tools for the month.

The Taurus New Moon occurs on Wed, April 26, at 5:16 AM PDT.

The Hierophant was a wisdom teacher in the ancient world, and is the tarot card for the Taurus New Moon.

This symbol represents your ability now to connect directly to the wisdom that lies within, to ground into the support of Mother Earth, and to learn to bring your light to the world in practical ways.

To find relief from the external stress of current circumstances it’s important to move within and connect with inner calm. In the Hierophant symbol this inner calm is represented by the sword of insight held by the inner Priestess and grounded into the Earth. (For tarot students, this is a reference to Adjustment and the Queen of Swords.)

This deeper signature of inner calm is underlying all of the external intensity and chaos swirling around you in the world. When you connect within to inner calm you can receive the vast new capacities of awareness that are available to you.

This promises to be an amazing month. I invite you to set your intentions for breakthrough, and feel the creative optimism of the new possibilities that lie ahead.

Have a wonderful month,


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