Full Moon Tarot – New Depths of Inner Strength

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Full Moon Tarot – New Depths of Inner Strength

Happy Full Moon!

I’m so happy to be connecting with each of you today in this very special month of new birth.

The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs at 2:42 pm PDT on Wednesday, May 10.

In Tarot the Scorpio Moon is represented by the Death card. As we Tarot practitioners know, this card doesn’t represent physical death. Rather, it’s the power of transformation. The image is of Osiris risen, dancing on the ocean floor, preparing for rebirth.

This represents YOU, as a master of rebirth in your daily life. This is the deeper message of this Moon, which is all about the emergence of your deepest strength and vitality. When you connect to the strength at the depths of your being, you are able to release the past, transcend all forms of limitation, and expand into your personal and unlimited potential.

Throughout this entire Lunar month we are receiving infusions of expanded awareness, including new levels of courage to enable us to move beyond all forms of limitation in order to connect to the freedom of our full creative vitality. (Today’s Mercury/Uranus conjunction is an additional activation of intuitive awareness that contributes to this Moon’s power.)

This month is a time of growth and change. You may be feeling stress, confusion, or vulnerability. These are all forms of the growing pains of new birth.

Here are some key notes from the Tarot reading:

Know that what is being dismantled is part of the past.
Pay attention to synchronicity. Use your superpower of choice to find the blessing in every moment.
And remember that you’re not alone. Support is available, you just need to ask.

The video offers more insight, including the Full Moon tarot spread and an expanded view of the astrology chart.
Thank you for sharing this work and helping to pull in the messages. Together we ARE building new worlds.

Happy Full Moon,

For an in depth look at the Full Moon Astrology, please read Steven Shroyer’s article “The Freedom to Resist: Full Moon Astrology May 2017.

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