Full Moon Tarot: Your Brilliant Future

Happy Full Moon!

There’s no denying the intensity of energies this month. We are in the midst of a powerful cycle of change. I’m sending this month’s Full Moon message to you with intentions for healing and inspired visions of the possibilities that lie ahead.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is on Friday, June 9, at 6:10 am PDT.

The tarot card for the Sagittarius Full Moon is known as Art, or Temperance. This card a symbol of you as the master Alchemist, infused with wisdom and the ability to harness your creative potential for change.

This is a card of mastery, signifying your alignment with your inner guidance and Higher Self. The Sagittarius Moon is a time to connect directly with these potentials. It’s a time to dream, to imagine new futures and access new visions of possibility.

This year’s Sagittarius Moon comes in the middle of a month poised for breakthrough. We are seeing our life with new clarity, both what’s working and what’s not, and we’re determined to breakthrough all forms of limitation so we can live in alignment with our personal truth. (See Gemini New Moon message.)

Contrast is the key catalyst for breakthrough now, especially in those areas of your life that are poised for positive change. For the coming two weeks, the Full Moon will be illuminating all forms of contrast in your life in order to inspire you to let go of the past in order to receive new visions of what’s possible.

In whatever way contrast is showing up in your life, be aware that it’s serving a higher purpose. Release the tendency to take things personally and you will be available to the new understandings and creative breakthroughs that are available.

A big part of the Full Moon’s clarity has to do with new awareness of the ways you’ve adapted to unnecessary limitations. You’ll get clear about the ways that self-imposed limiting ideas and beliefs have held you back. This includes old stories about worry, fear, inadequacy, playing small, misplaced responsibilities, and unnecessary sacrifice of personal good.

These old habits and expectations no longer need bind you. You can choose to let them go. When you do you’ll be called forward to new creative visions and brilliant possibilities that are much more in alignment with the truth of who you are.

Always remember, the forces of the Universe are aligned for you and with you. This is Magic in action. Together we have the opportunity to create new worlds.

Let’s do this!


For additional insights, see Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon astrology article.

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