New Moon Tarot: BE the Light!

Happy New Moon!

This month’s Cancer New Moon comes on the heels of Summer Solstice. The two events are combining forces now to deliver an extra infusion of personal determination, creative potential, and fortunate new possibilities.

The changes we see in the world around us are often uncomfortable and disorienting. This month’s New Moon will give each of us new tools for the purpose of releasing the past and creating a new, more sustainable and loving future.

In addition to the challenges we face, Summer is a time to re-connect to Beauty. The impulses and potentials we received six months ago at Winter Solstice are coming to flower, and the paths of change in the world are merging with personal potential. It’s time now to soak in the sunshine, re-fuel our vitality, and take fresh steps forward into the new terrain that together we’re creating.

The New Moon message that follows includes practical tools for connecting with your own path of purpose and joy.

Happy Summer!


The Cancer New Moon is on Friday June 23 at 7:31 pm PDT.

The Chariot is the tarot card for the Cancer New Moon.

This card symbolizes our ability now to connect with our personal power and potential, while also being fully at home in the world.

The Chariot represents us stepping into Summer:

  • fully on our path of highest potential (the yellow brick road);
  • fully charged and protected (the golden armor):,
  • fully grounded and at home in the world (the supportive pillars of the chariot); and
  • fully balanced in the midst of change (the Warrior – you – in the lotus position holding the spinning wheel of fortune).

Everything this coming month is lining up to enable you to release the limitations that restrict your freedom and personal potential. This isn’t an isolationist impulse. While summer is all about personal vitality, it’s for the purpose of contribution to greater good.

When we commit to our personal path, we simultaneously increase our ability to show up for the collective. It’s all part of the same picture.

The New Moon video that follows includes a personal message about my own practices and the symbols I’m using to help me show up for the intensity of these times. I share it with you in hopes that it will inspire your creativity and sense of adventure.

For more insights check out Steven Shroyer’s New Moon astrology article.

We can do this! Here’s to an amazing Summer.

New Moon Tarot Reading: June 23 – July 23