New Moon Tarot: Choosing Inner Truth

Happy New Moon!

Our Leo Moon brings a strong wave of creative potential, new vitality, and desire to act for positive change.

This year’s Leo Moon is directly supporting the larger cycles of transformation in which we’re engaged, including the upcoming eclipses in August. (If you’d like to set your calendar, I’ve included the times for the eclipses at the end of the article.)

Most of all, I invite you to set the intention this month to connect with your inner creative fire. This is the fire that builds worlds. The coming weeks are an important time to re-remember and re-discover the creative vitality that lives within.

The Leo New Moon occurs on Sunday, July 23rd, at 2:46 am PT.

In tarot the Lust (Strength) card represents the Leo Moon. This symbol is the perfect embodiment of the potentials that await, including your ability to connect more deeply with your own inner strength.

This month will activate strong desires to take action for change. There’s also a connection to intuition that will enable you to feel (and perhaps even see) new potentials and possibilities.

Your opportunity lies in your choices and your commitment to focusing on the truth and vision of who you truly are and what you desire the world to be.

You can trust your convictions. This is a time to focus on your priorities and what inspires you. Play. Celebrate. Allow the strength of Leo’s fire to fuel your dreams.

Set the intention now and throughout the coming days to align with your inner fire and the glorious “Lustre” of the truth of who you are.

I hope you enjoy the New Moon Tarot Reading that follows. I really had fun with this today! I am personally loving the clarity of the cards and the continual messages of support that the Universe provides.

This is an important month. Connect with your grids and act from within.

As always, I recommend Steven Shroyer’s New Moon astrology article to accompany the messages here.

Have a fantastic month!


PS – If you’d like to set your calendar for the upcoming eclipses, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is on Monday, Aug. 7th at 11:11 am(!), and the Total Solar Eclipse is on Monday, Aug. 21st at 11:30 am PDT. I’ll be in touch again in a few days with more information on the eclipses and the ways you can maximize these opportunities for creative change.

New Moon Tarot Reading: July 23 – August 21