Preparing for Tonight’s Full Moon

Happy Full Moon!

I’m connecting this morning with a personal message, in advance of the longer Full Moon post and Tarot video that you’ll receive later this evening.

Full Moons are always powerful opportunities for manifesting. Tonight’s Capricorn Full Moon is especially so, fully infused with new awareness that will lead to opportunities to make important and fortunate choices in your life.

We are each being challenged in these days to connect to our inner authority, to strengthen our ability to navigate change, and to develop discernment in order to make the difficult decisions that lie before us.

This Moon is amplifying those choices, all for the purpose of stepping into the new paths we are creating, while at the same time transcending those paths that no longer serve us.

Tonight’s Full Moon occurs at 9:07 pm PDT. As you prepare, set your intentions on your visions of the highest and best you can imagine for your life and for our world. This is a time to dream big and feel the truth of what you know is possible. Speak to the truth of your visions. Speak as well to the highest truth you witness in others.

Know that your words hold power.

Claim what you will carry forward and claim what you choose to release.  We truly ARE creating new worlds and the cycles of change are converging this summer to allow us to evolve to a new stage of our collective journey.

Take time today to nourish yourself. Pause to reflect on the gifts of your life and what has brought you to this place. Stepping into gratitude is the best way to prepare to receive Full Moon illumination.

I look forward to connecting again soon with the tarot reading for the coming two weeks. In the meantime I recommend Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon astrology article for additional understanding. This is an unusual and powerful Moon and Steven’s article will help to clarify how you can best align with the opportunities for positive change.

Have a blessed day and a wonderful Full Moon celebration,