Stepping into the Age of Aquarius – The Aquarian Lunar Eclipse

Happy Lunar Eclipse!

I’ve been looking forward to this event all year.

The Aquarius Full Moon is always a significant experience. This year’s Aquarian Moon is even more so, as it coincides with a Lunar Eclipse that is super-charging our expansion forward into new potentials.

As we celebrate Monday’s Full Moon, I am sending intentions for you to have an amazing month of empowered creativity, inspired insight, and abundant well being.


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is at 11:11 am PDT on Monday, August 7.

The Star card in tarot represents the Aquarian Full Moon.

This image shows you as an embodied “Star,” bathing in the light of Source and then sharing your light with the world.

The light of the Aquarius Moon is the light of the creative individual. Aquarius reminds us that we are each individual stars, contributing our brilliance to create a better world.

This new Aquarian age – the world we are now creating – requires us together to create a new human culture that fully supports and celebrates each person’s unique gifts and contributions.

In this new world we will each experience the freedom to fully express and contribute our personal gifts toward the greater good.

The cosmic doorway that opens during Monday’s eclipse supports this expansion.

During the coming month you will have access to new powers of awareness, including the ability to intentionally work with all types of energy in order to more fully express your personal freedom and brilliance in the world.

This eclipse portal will be open for 27 days, until September 3.

To connect with the new forms of inner awareness be sure to take time to relax, to celebrate your life, and express your unique creativity. Be prepared to break through unnecessary restraints on your freedom, including your own limiting habits. In this way you’ll naturally align with the momentum of new creation.

By harnessing the power of the coming days, you have the opportunity to take a quantum leap forward into the new potentials and new worlds we are creating.

For more details on the Aquarian eclipse, watch the following tarot video and read Steven Shroyer’s astrology article.

Have an amazing month!

Lunar Eclipse Tarot Reading: August 7 – September 3