Full Moon Tarot – The Birth of New Worlds


Happy Full Moon!

The past two weeks have been so potent! Each moment following the Solar eclipse has seemed filled with special meaning and even in the most mundane of circumstances we’re each receiving important opportunities to re-frame our perceptions of reality.

These new perceptions are often coming through activations of shadow, both within and without. Challenge and trauma are in abundant evidence, part of our growing pains as a world. We are required now to show up by staying present and feeling our way forward. When we align within, even the most difficult challenge will hold new perspectives.

The Pisces Full Moon will further activate this eclipse cycle with new understandings of Self and the nature of reality, including more insights into our relationship with shadow and how to befriend what we haven’t previously understood.

The Pisces Full Moon occurs on Wed, September 6 at at 12:03 am PDT.

In tarot the energy of Pisces is represented by the Moon card. This is a card that teaches us about personal mastery through our connection to mystery and inner wisdom.

This card is a great touchstone for our Pisces Moon, which is all about inner Truth and new understandings of the nature of reality. Despite the challenges of these days, there is also great Beauty, including the ability to move through and beyond that which frightens us.

Notice the Sun rising just beneath the horizon. Part of the truth of shadow and navigating the darkness of the unknown is the knowledge and trust that the light is always always present, and that it’s found within.

Another significant teaching in this image is the picture of the gate of initiation. We truly ARE initiates, crossing a threshold and stepping into new worlds, both within and without. The guardians at the gate, pictured by Anubis in double form, represent the unseen Helpers who are always with us on the journey.

The Full Moon video that follows adds details and insight to help you connect with the opportunities of this potent time.

Many Blessings on Your Journey,


PS – For additional insights during this powerful time you are welcome to listen to the Mystery School daily messages. You can access these on my YouTube page. Each message highlights a specific principle or tool that aligns with the energies of the day. You may find those from the past two weeks, following the eclipse, especially helpful in understanding shadow and aligning with the opportunities of this time.

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  1. Julie Rose
    Julie Rose09-05-2017

    Thank you Beth ❤️ I watched the video all the way to the end but it finished before the end of the spread at around 7 mins.