Full Moon Tarot: Leadership from Within

Happy Full Moon!

Wherever this message finds you I send heart-felt intentions for well being, courage, and connection to your inner truth.

You are powerful beyond what you have ever known.

May the Full Moon show us all new possibilities and illuminate new awareness to guide our path ahead.

The Aries Full Moon occurs on Thursday, October 5 at 11:40 am PT.

The Emperor in tarot represents the Aries Moon.

The image here communicates the fiery confidence and strength of authentic leadership. These qualities of courage and empowerment are within each of us. We access them through alignment with our inner will.

As a world we are in a powerful time of transformation. Old symbols and forms of leadership are changing. We see the dismantling all around.

It’s time for new models of leadership that allow for personal freedom and are grounded in reverence for life. It’s time for leadership that is transparent, committed to wholeness, and anchored in the power of love.

The Aries Moon is illuminating your own unique powers of leadership and your ability to contribute to positive change.

Set your intentions now to show up – especially for yourself!

Take action aligned with your heart. Embrace uncertainty and the adventure of the unknown. Be willing to be seen. Release habits of compromise and playing small.

You have a unique role to play in what is unfolding. It’s only through alignment within that we will see what is possible and navigate these times of change. By joining forces we’ll support each other as we create new worlds.


PS – Look to the east before dawn on Thursday and you’ll see the amazing Venus/Mars conjunction. There’s more about this in the tarot video. As always, Steven Shroyer’s astrology article holds additional insight.

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