Elizabeth Schermer

Elizabeth lives in Seattle, Washington.

She specializes in helping people connect with their highest potential and discover the truth of their own unique power and purpose in the world.

In addition to leading the programs and workshops of The Alchemy Mystery School, she works with individuals and groups through her private consulting practice. You can learn more about her consultations by visiting www.FundamentalFengShui.com.

Abbreviated Biography

  • Founded “The Alchemy Mystery School” in 2012
  • Launched  “Fundamental Feng Shui,” in 2004.
  • Received certification in Classical Feng Shui from the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui in 2004.
  • Received training in Geomancy (“dowsing”) in 2004.
  • Became certified as a Reiki Master in 2003.
  • Diploma in Montessori education from the Association Montessori International, AMI, 1983.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies, 1981.
  • Director of the Seattle Chapter of the International Feng Shui Guild, 2008-2012.
  • Member of The International Feng Shui Guild and the American Society of Dowsers.


Seattle’s Alchemy Mystery School offers spiritual coaching and training based on the ancient wisdom of the mystery school teachings. Our holistic and modern approach incorporates metaphysics, numerology, alchemy, astrology, and tarot.