The Alchemy Mastery Program

Take Your Life to the Next Level

Alchemy 1 will return in 2018 with an expanded format. Read below for a description of the basic elements of the program.

The Alchemy Mystery SchoolIf you’re ready to step into your full power and potential, this program has been designed just for you.

The Alchemy Mastery Program is dedicated to helping you create practical, powerful, and lasting changes in your life.

You’ll connect with your highest purpose, learn powerful healing tools, receive the personal support of a focused group of peers, and expand your sense of confidence, well being, creativity and joy.

Nine Months of Creative Exploration

March: The Dance of Fate and Freedom

  • Concepts: Understanding the difference between Fate and Destiny. Overview of astrology for 2014, Exploring the Seven  Laws that govern the Universe, including the Law of Attraction. Understanding the Lunar Cycle and manifesting with the New Moon. Overview of key themes and concepts for the year. Presentation of Tarot as our “Mystery School textbook.”
  • Tools Include: New Moon Manifesting (with advanced techniques). Chinese Astrology for the Year of the Dog. Tarot as a wisdom tool. Spring Equinox celebration. Guidelines for establishing a personal practice.

April: Spring Cleaning for the Soul

  • Concepts: Feng Shui healing practices for body and home. The Four Types of Clutter and how they affect your life. Connecting with your Home as a living being. Methods for creating sacred space.  The Feng Shui Bagua. Tarot Bagua spread.
  • Tools Include: Creating Personal Altars, Using Feng Shui cures and enhancements,  Clutter Clearing Practices, Mapping the Bagua in Your Home.

May: Energy Medicine and You

  • Concepts: Your personal energy system: chakras, meridians, and energy fields. What it means to bridge “Heaven and Earth.” Connecting with your Higher (Inner) Self, intuition, and the creative potential of your subtle (energy) body. Tarot Chakra spread.
  • Tools Include: A variety of powerful Chakra Clearing exercises, Living the Medicine Wheel, the Seven Directions meditation practice, Self Treatment practices.

June: Connecting to Your Life’s Purpose

  • Concepts: The Living Universe. Astrology as a blueprint of your highest potential and truest life purpose. Identifying your unique gifts and claiming your shadow. The power of the Summer Solstice. Initiating the season of creative expansion. Tarot and your astrology chart.
  • Tools include: The basic keys to understanding your astrology chart. Integrating astrology and Tarot. Connecting personally with the 12 month cycle of the Zodiac and the power of the monthly Lunation Cycle. The frequencies of the planets in our solar system. A Summer Solstice celebration.

July: Healthy Relationships and Personal Power

  • Concepts: Experiencing true Community, from Self to Universe. Understanding energy fields of relationships, from personal to group and beyond. Mindfulness practices for living in the Heart. Tarot Relationship spread.
  • Tools include: Exercises for energy fields, communication, and personal boundaries. Using holograms of sacred geometry (including the Octahedron) for stability and grounding. Jungian personality types and the Tarot. A meditation for living in the Heart.

August: Discovering Your Path of Mastery

  • Concepts: The Journey of the Four-Fold Way: Meeting yourself as Hero, Warrior, Seer, and Sage. Igniting your vision and accessing your inspiration.  Realizing your own highest potential and wisdom path. Tarot 4-Fold Way spread
  • Tools Include: Processes and practices to integrate the inner Warrior, Hero, Visionary, and Sage. A Full Moon fire ceremony.

September: Breakthrough to Your Highest Purpose

  • Concepts: Breakthrough. Identifying and releasing subconscious programming.  Anchoring your purpose and power. Activating your energetic “grids” of support – your community, physical and energetic. Tarot Path of Transformation spread.
  • Tools Include: The Oracle of the I Ching. Feng Shui practices for manifesting your power, abundance, and visibility in the world.   Fall Equinox celebration.

October: The Nine Dimensions and the Realms of Light

  • Concepts: Understanding the Nine Dimensions. Establishing your connection to the Ancestors, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides. Expanding intuition by breaking through limiting perceptions of reality, both cultural and inherited. Integrating Tarot with other Oracle decks.
  • Tools Include: Practices for accessing each of the Nine Dimensions. Communicating with Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and Angels. Exploring Light Language and other communication from beyond.

November: Becoming the Alchemist of Your Life

  • Concepts: Your Lineage of Personal Power- connecting with your personal wisdom tools. The Untold History of Earth. Principles of Sacred Sites. Creating Sacred Space as a personal practice. Tarot “Lift-off” Spread.
  • Tools Include: Using sacred space techniques in your home and workplace.  Building etheric temples. Sacred geometry. Using Earth elements and crystals. Integrating the experiences of the year.

Registration for 2018 is currently open by personal interview.
To schedule your interview, contact Elizabeth Schermer

  • via email:
  • via phone: 206-605-2506.

The Format

The Alchemy Mystery SchoolThis program has been carefully designed to provide optimal support while integrating easily into your busy life.

The structure is organized yet flexible, with complete audio recordings and monthly review sessions to support your integration of the material.

The combination of powerful new learning with personal coaching  enables you to integrate transforming principles and practices into your daily life.

  • Monthly Workshop
    • Held the first Saturday of each month, March – November, 10 am – 5 pm. (NOTE: March is a two day workshop, both Saturday and Sunday.)
    • Located at Sacred Garden Healing Center, 2026 10th Ave East, Seattle WA 98102. (NOTE: Our location may change for 2018.)
  • Evening Gatherings and Conference Calls
    • Twice per month.
    • Held on alternate Tuesdays, usually 1st and 3rd, from 7 – 9 pm. Located in a private home, in the Greenwood district of north Seattle. Attend in person or via Skype.
  • Daily Message
    • A daily video message that is personally attuned to you and the work of our group.
    • Receive via text message.
    • Use this morning reflection to help focus your intentions for the day.
  • Homework and Personal Practice
    • Each month you’ll receive a variety of optional activities and practices to enable you to explore our topics and themes.
    • It is recommended to commit ten to twenty minutes, morning and evening, for personal practices of your own choosing.
    • You will receive guidance and coaching to explore and develop practices that work for you.
  • If You Miss a Session
    • All workshops and evening circles have detailed handouts and resources.
    • Audio recordings are available for all events, delivered to your email inbox within 48 hours.

    Additional Elements

    • Complete handouts are provided for all presentations at workshops and evening gatherings.
    • Audio recordings are available for all events.
    • You’ll have access to a private online Student Resource Page with all course materials, organized by monthly theme. This includes workshop handouts, reading lists, class recordings, and additional tools.
    • Optional monthly activities and creative projects.
    • Optional small group weekly calls, organized around New Moon manifesting.

    PLUS Daily Personal Support – The Daily Message

    • A daily video message that is personally attuned to you and the work of your group.
    • Receive 5 days a week via text message.
    • Use this morning reflection to help focus your intentions for the day.

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    Registration for 2018 is currently open by personal interview.
    To schedule your interview, contact Elizabeth Schermer

    • via email:
    • via phone: 206-605-2506.

    Seattle’s Alchemy Mystery School offers spiritual coaching and training based on the ancient wisdom teachings of the world’s Mystery Schools. Our holistic and modern approach offers metaphysical knowledge through a practical approach to numerology, energy medicine, astrology, Feng Shui, and tarot.