The Alchemy Mystery School – Our Vision

The Alchemy Mystery School was founded in 2012 with the intention of offering a unique combination of mystical wisdom and practical tools that enable people to experience personal mastery in the world.

This dynamic combination of creative study and intentional community brings to life the depth and richness of the world’s wisdom traditions. Participants experience the principles and tools of practical mysticism within the context of their daily lives.

If you are committed to realizing your full potential and expanding the sense of possibility in your life, please explore our programs. We invite you to join us in 2016!

The Alchemy Mastery Program

The Level I Alchemy Mastery Program is the core of the Alchemy Mystery School. Guided knowledge paths and wisdom studies include astrology, energy medicine, and Feng Shui. Participants are coached in mystical tools and personal practices that unfold within the natural cycle of the year. The intimate group size ensures personal attention as well as community support.

The Level II Alchemy Mastery Program explores intuitive tools through the lens of Universal Number. Participants learn how the Universe is constructed, and how to apply these essential principles to their lives in practical ways. Alchemy II is offered to graduates of Level I, and others who demonstrate similar experience.

The Level III Alchemy Mastery Program delves into the rich study of Hermetic Qabalah.  By exploring the integrated system of the Tree of Life, participants enter their own personal “Map of the Universe,” learning advanced practices for manifestation and co-creation.

The Level IV Alchemy Mastery Program continues the study of Qabalah through Pathwork and other mystical practices expressed through the Tree of Life.

Mystery School Workshops and Special Events

Seasonal workshops and events offer additional creative opportunities for the community. See the calendar for information on upcoming events hosted by the Alchemy Mystery School and Fundamental Feng Shui.

Our Community

Elizabeth Schermer

Elizabeth Schermer is the founder of the Alchemy Mystery School. She develops the curriculum and facilitates the Mystery School programs. Elizabeth also works with individuals through her private consulting practice, Fundamental Feng Shui.

Steven Shroyer

Steven Shroyer is our astrologer and webmaster. He also teaches and consults through his private practice, Seattle Astrology.

The Participants

The heart of our community is the dynamic and dedicated group of participants, graduates and interns who support the ongoing development and expansion of the Alchemy Mystery School.

Seattle’s Alchemy Mystery School offers spiritual coaching and training based on the ancient wisdom of the world’s Mystery School teachings. Our holistic and modern approach incorporates metaphysical teachings including numerology, alchemy, energy medicine, astrology, and tarot.